Business Model

HomeToken aspires to invest and develop a portfolio of investment properties in Asia's emerging markets.

High economic and working-age population growth in these markets will increase real estate rents and prices in the near future.

Unlike most initial coin offerings(ICOs), HomeToken will not risk millions to develop technology that may take years to reach profitability and public acceptance, if successful.

Profit from HomeToken's investment properties will be generated within months. 

It's no secret that some of the world's richest people build their fortune on real estate.

With blockchain technology, our mission is to allow both experienced and new cryptocurrency investors to profit from income-producing real estate, without the costs and risks of traditional real estate investments.




Low risk

Real estate is one of the most conservative types of investment. In addition, HomeToken will only invest in completed real estate from established property developers.


With our market knowledge and experience, the rental income and capital appreciation of our investment properties will increase the price of our tokens.


Unlike most cryptocurrencies, HomeToken is backed by real estate, a tangible asset and one of the best hedge against inflation.  


Every investment property purchased will be documented on Youtube individually. We want to keep our investors updated and expand our community.


 Advantages vs. Traditional Real Estate Investment


Low entry costs

HomeToken investors can invest any amount they like, while direct real estate investments require high upfront costs that include down payments, legal fees and stamp duties.


Tenant complaints and property maintenance will be managed by HomeToken. Our investors also do not have to go through the hassle of applying for mortgages. 

Lower transaction costs

The only fees charged are transaction fees imposed by cryptocurrency exchanges where our tokens will be listed on. Real estate agents commissions range from 2 to 6% of the property's sale price.

Increased liquidity

By listing our tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges, tokens can be bought and sold quickly. On the other hand, transfer of real estate ownership usually takes several months to complete.

HomeToken vs. Other Real Estate ICOs


We are investors first and focused on building a portfolio of good properties. Hence, we can reduce unnecessary costs and risks, to be profitable in the shortest time possible. The majority of the funds raised will be used to purchase real estate to preserve the funds entrusted to us, by our investors. In addition, we are not interested in building platforms that may expose people to potential scams.  


Asia's emerging markets like Malaysia and Vietnam have high GDP growth(more than 5%) and above average population growth. These countries will continue to gain economic momentum by attracting more foreign direct investments. In addition, Southeast Asia urbanization will continue rapidly and increase the demand for real estate. At this moment, we believe that real estate here is undervalued when compared to North American and European real estate markets.  


A token backed by multiple properties is better than a token that represents fractional ownership of a single property. We believe fractional ownership only benefits property owners looking to cash out from their distressed properties. Properties under HomeToken will be held under an investment holding company and profits will be transferred back to token holders through the token buyback program.    


Real estate is a trillion dollar industry and ICOs related to real estate have only just begun. If these ICOs are successful with their real estate platforms, it will only enhance HomeToken as well. We will continue to monitor the development of other real estate ICOs and look out for potential value from their platforms.  


ICO details

The total number of WAVES-based tokens(Symbol: HOME) issued will be limited to 100 million (100,000,000), and not re-issuable:

  • 65% sold in the tokensale
  • 20% allocated for future partnerships and joint ventures
  • 10% retained by HomeToken
  • 5% allocated for future marketing campaigns

ICO soft cap is 1 million USD (United States Dollar).

Initial price is 1 USD (United States Dollar) per token.

Funds raised will be held by escrow agents until successful distribution of all HOME tokens.

Accepted Currencies:



Token Whitepaper


Escrow Details



To my knowledge, only HomeToken provides an all-in-one solution, where every property is carefully selected and managed by the team. There is no conflict of interest because HomeToken is not selling properties to earn commissions. Without having to worry about building platforms and regulatory challenges, HomeToken will be on the shortest route to profitability.

Kenneth Chong Senior Legal Associate, Raslan Loong, Shen & Eow

As an insurance man, I believe HomeToken reduces the risks of property investment significantly because every token is backed by a portfolio of investment properties. The risks and profits will be shared equally amongst the token holders. If I buy a token of just one property, I have no protection if the property fails.

Chua Hwa Soon Marketing Manager, Allianz Malaysia

HomeToken will open up the property market in developing countries like Malaysia to global investors, with the use of blockchain. I have no doubt in my mind that HomeToken will invest in properties with plenty of upside.

Eric Chan Associate Director, RHB Investment Bank Berhad

 Proof of concept

We are proud that our business model is backed by real properties, not empty promises.

The Mansion, our premier eldercare establishment will be launched by September 2017.

Our apartments at Summer Suites and Titiwangsa Sentral are currently tenanted with high rental yields.

Therefore, the transacted prices of our units have also increased dramatically.



Name: The Mansion

Location: Greater Kuala Lumpur

Completion Date: September 2017


Name: Summer Suites, KLCC

Location: Kuala Lumpur

Completion Date: End of 2015

Name: Titiwangsa Sentral

Location: Kuala Lumpur

Completion Date: Mid 2011


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